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2x1 – Treasure Hunt

Sam introduces Sarah and James to his new metal detector, and they get hooked on looking for treasure. Unfortunately, they manage to burst a water pipe in the park while searching for Bella's keys! Meanwhile, Norman's game of 'Knights Of The Round Table' backfires when his saucepan helmet gets stuck on his head. Overall, it's a busy day for Sam and the crew...

2x2 – Sam's Day Off

Sam's popcorn machine is just the ticket for the cinemas, until it suffers from a touch of flumbustication!

2x3 – Thief in Pontypandy

Sam's mislaid his watch, Bella's necklace has disappeared and Dilys' earrings have gone missing! Can Sam solve the mystery?

2x4 – Chemistry Set

Norman's dream of making the pongiest stink bomb in the world backfires when Dilys walks into the laboratory.

2x5 – The Wishing Well

Trevor organises a search party when Norman doesn't come back from picking strawberries.

2x6 – The Great Inventor

Sam is all set to win the Best Inventor in Wales competition, until ...

2x7 – Safe With Sam

There is a fireworks display being held to celebrate the anniverary of Pontypandy fire station opening. But there are many valuable lessons to be learned about safety.

2x8 – Snow Business

It's Christmas Eve, and Pontypandy's got four inches of festive snow to keep the kids entertained. They're playing snowballs, and everyone around town is enjoying the cold snap, except for Dylis Price. She's not happy shovelling snow from her shop front and ducking the great hanging icicles above her head. She wonders why the Christmas tree isn't up in the park yet. Why, the Council have been a bit late this year. She suspects they couldn't afford one. Her comments give Fireman Sam a jolly idea...

2x10 – Snow Business
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