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1x1 – Der Drachen

Strong winds bring telegraph poles down and take Sarah and James' kite high up, but a little higher than they intended.

1x2 – Barn Fire

On a very hot day, Sarah and James are picking potatoes for Bella. Sam wonders if he can help, but first he has to deal with a barn fire at Pandy Lane Farm.

1x3 – Die Feuerwehrübung

It's routine drill for Trevor on his first day in the fire service, until a message comes over the radio.

1x4 – Die Reifenpanne

After going to a boot-sale, Trevor's tyre goes flat and invades Pontypandy and loads of delays, luckilly Fireman Sam goes to the rescue.

1x5 – Camping

What have a frog and an oily rag got to do with camping? Sam, Sarah and James soon find out.

1x6 – Norman macht Dummheiten

Norman is up to his old tricks as usual, but this time he plays one too many!

1x7 – Die verschwundene Katze

Saturdays are busy enough for Bella, without having to deal with chip pan fires and lost cats.

1x8 – Telly Trouble

TV stardom comes to Station Officer Steele and everyone in Pontypandy is tuning in.

1x10 – Sam's Day Off

Fireman Sam's popcorn machine seems just the ticket for going to the pictures - until it suffers from a high degree of flumbustication!

1x11 – Thief in Pontypandy
1x12 – Chemistry Set

Norman Price's dream of making the pongiest stink bomb in the world backfires when Dilys sticks her nose into her Little Treasure's lab.

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